About us

SC Salt

Simply made from the sea & the sun on the Isles of Scilly.

To make SCsalt we simply leave the crystal-clear water of St. Martins Par to evaporate under the famous Isles of Scilly sunshine.

Sea Sun Salt

Then we might go sailing. And wen we come back, all we have to do is seal up the pure taste of SCsalt and send it out to discerning cooks like you. By boat, of course.

Higher Town Par

We harvest our seasalt from the crystal clear waters of Par Beach on St Martins; we put the seawater into our salt pans and let the sunshine do the rest.

Sea Salt Trial

First Trail

Handmade in the Isles of Scilly

SC Salt started as an idea in 2009, when we produced our first sea salt by evaporating a milk churn of sea water in a greenhouse on the farm. Our first evaporation produced a small amount of Sea Salt during our initial trials.

First salt produced

Very first bach from our trial

We still use the same process of Solar Evaporation to produce SC Salt however since our first trial we have thought a bit bigger, but the process is very much the same.

Salt Pans

These are the salt pans used to produce our sea salt, between early April and late September each year.  The evaporation can take anywhere between 8 - 12 weeks which is very much dependant on the weather.  During the nicest of Scillonian summers we can get as many as 4 evaporations and if the sun does not bless our shores we sometimes only get one or two.

Available locally and on-line

SC Salt

We have available 250g 150g original SC Salt and a growing range of flavoured SC Salt including Chilli, Garlic, Salt & Pepper and Smoked salt.  All available on line and in select local retail outlets.

Signal Row
All our salt is recovered from the seawater pumped into our salt pans here on St Martins and sealed up in packets on the family farm at Carron Farm.
Salt weighing  scales